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Improving care

You and your employees deserve superior care that is effective, affordable, and convenient. We’re committed to creating new models of care that put better health within reach.

Rewarding providers for higher quality care at a lower cost

Blue plans have long been pioneers of patient-focused, value-based payment models. By setting the right incentives and tying them to outcomes, we encourage doctors and other health care providers to deliver the right care at the right place at the right price. Our provider payment models help foster higher quality, more efficient care for your employees through better communication among doctors, hospitals, and insurers.

Independence’s acclaimed payment model rewards health systems for:

  • Keeping members well
  • Reducing readmissions
  • Lowering medical and pharmacy costs
  • Increasing both patient and physician satisfaction

Leading the way with personalized, coordinated health care

Patient-Centered Medical Homes improve care while lowering costs at the provider level. It too requires a team approach for better coordinated, more personalized care and focuses on engaging patients in their own health.

To become an accredited Patient-Centered Medical Home, primary care practices must meet an extensive set of requirements from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, including:

  • Enhancing patient access and communication
  • Providing self-management support
  • Tracking and coordinating care

Blue plans across the country were among the first to support Patient-Centered Medical Homes, and Independence is a national leader in this movement, with one of the highest concentrations of medical homes in our network.

Identifying high-performance health care facilities across the country

Choosing the best and most cost-effective health care facilities should be easy for your employees. For years, the Blue Distinction® and Blue Distinction®+ designations have helped members find the best place to receive specialty care, such as cardiac care and knee and hip replacement.

Independence is also pleased to be a part of Blue Distinction Total Care, a national value-based payment program that leverages local Blue Cross Blue Shield programs across the country. Doctors and hospitals participating in the program are recognized nationally and are reimbursed for their ability to reach both efficiency and health outcomes. This makes it easy for you and your employees to know where to go for the best value on their care.

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Arming providers with the data and analytical tools they need

Making it easier for providers to do their jobs is a priority for Independence, and we continuously look for ways to give them the support they need through clinical programs, tools, and reports.

We provide primary care physicians with:

  • Data and analytical tools to help better manage patients’ chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, and pulmonary disease
  • Meaningful incentives based on the ability to improve outcomes and lower costs

Ultimately, the aim is to increase the quality and lower the cost of care by reducing duplication of services, improving patient satisfaction, and helping to prevent health crises that cause emergency room visits.

Making health care accessible for members with telemedicine

Doctors are making house calls again, but now it's through secure video, phone, and smartphone app. Telemedicine is growing in popularity as a way to make health care more convenient and accessible. Independence works with leading telehealth vendors to offer your employees a national network of telehealth doctors who are available 24/7 and can diagnose, provide treatment plans, and prescribe medications for non-emergency medical conditions.

Innovation is a way of thinking and caring.

Empowering members

Our members are at the center of everything we do. Independence makes it easy and engaging for members to take control of their health by providing the resources and support they need to stay well.

Member website

Through our secure member website, members can access their benefits, find providers, estimate care costs, track claims and spending, and much more, from their computer or mobile device.


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Members can sign up to receive personalized text messages about important health and benefits information, opportunities to save on prescriptions, and even ways to get more affordable care. You can even opt for an enhanced messaging package that allows you to customize your own messages to your employees, such as reminders about open enrollment or corporate health events.


Health Coaches

Available 24/7, year round, our Health Coaches are registered nurses who can give advice for health-related questions, such as managing chronic conditions and other lifestyle issues that can reduce health risks.


Health and wellness programs

From providing incentives and rewards for smart lifestyle choices to offering personalized solutions and information for health issues that concern our members, our value-added programs help members get and stay healthy.

Some of our value-added programs include:

  • Money-saving discounts on health-related products and services
  • Special discounts on fun activities like sporting events, theater, and movies
  • Reimbursements for gym fees, weight management programs, and tobacco cessation programs
  • Six free nutrition counseling sessions via Skype.

But if you want to make healthy changes on a larger scale, we offer company-wide wellness programs that you can tailor to your specific goals, with incentives to encourage your employees to complete health risk assessments, get their annual check-up, visit the dentist, and more.

True innovation defies expectations
and makes life extraordinary.

Changing the future

As health care challenges become more complex, we’ve had to get creative in how we address them. In fact, Independence established its own Center for Health Care Innovation to improve quality, affordability, and the client experience. We use data to drive innovation and collaboration to help us get there faster.

Making connections with big data

As a Blue company, Independence has the advantage of strength in numbers. Together with 36 other BCBS companies, we have access to BCBS Axis — the largest aggregated set of health care data in the nation. That means we can leverage data on doctors’ visits, prescriptions, hospitalizations, lab results, and more for a 360-degree view of the care our members receive. This allows us to better coordinate their care, lower overall health care costs, and increase both member and provider satisfaction.

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Predicting the future of our members’ health

Data analysis allows us to stay on top of our members’ health today, but it also helps us identify members who are at-risk for developing conditions or complications of chronic illnesses in the future.

Independence works with Verisk Health on predictive modeling that detects gaps in care and targets members who are likely to face complications. We are also collaborating with New York University and NYU Langone Medical Center to develop algorithms to better predict undiagnosed diabetes. This could significantly improve health outcomes and lower the costs of diabetes treatment.

Collaborating on cancer treatment research

Independence signed an agreement with NantHealth to become the first major insurer to cover next-generation whole genome sequencing. This work will help detect DNA mutations that may inform decisions about optimal cancer therapy. Additionally, we have joined the National Immunotherapy Coalition, a new initiative focused on accelerating the potential of combination immunotherapy through clinical trials for eligible members.

Supporting promising technologies

Through our sponsorship of Dreamit Health, Independence is working with Penn Medicine to grow health care start-ups and to support the development of novel health care solutions and technologies. In fact, some of the Dreamit Health entrepreneurs we’ve sponsored are already changing the future of health care with their innovations that are in use today.

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